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Our advantage

Invest with an entrepreneurial mentality, fill in the blind spots in investment, continuously expand horizons and iterate business cognition.


Athlete + referee perspective

We are investors, but our more important identity is an entrepreneur. We know more about the company customers, internal management and product building, and examine the company from an all-round perspective. It can not only give advice on strategic positioning and path selection, but also escort entrepreneurs in tactical execution.


Deep plowing

We believe that less is more, we are highly focused and do not seek scale in our investment choices. Jointly research and formulate (strategy, talent, capital, business and other plans) with the early team, reduce the cost of making mistakes and detours, and help the company achieve stable and high-speed growth.


digital transformation

We have our own information infrastructure PaaS platform, which can quickly promote the digitization and transparency of the invested company business line, and make the company operating efficiency leap from quantity to quality.


Mission, Vision, Values

Improve industrial efficiency and continue to drive the world forward.

Empower outstanding entrepreneurs to achieve exponential growth.

Think first principles, do the right thing, and stick to long-termism.

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